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The Death of James Lee Byars, Zad Moultaka in Dialogue

The Death of James Lee Byars, Collateral event of the Biennale di Venezia 2019 | Courtesy of © 2019 Vanhaerents Art Collection | Photo: Formentini Zanatta

Hosted in the charming Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione The death of James Lee Byars presents works by James Lee Byars (Detroit, 1932 - Cairo, 1997) and Zad Moultaka (Lebanon 1967). Curated by Walter Vanhaerents, the exhibition is part of the Vanhaerents Art Collection exhibition program dedicated to creating a dialogue between the work of internationally established artists and emerging artists. The death of James Lee Byars allows the public to reconnect with one of the most iconic installations that the American artist created in Brussels exactly 25 years ago and which is part of the Collection since 1996, inviting people at the same time to discover the new sound creation of Zad Moultaka, which interfaces directly with the work of Byars and was specifically commissioned for the occasion.

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