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Luc Tuymans. La Pelle

Luc Tuymans, The Valley, 2007 | © Studio Luc Tuymans Antwerp / Pinault Collection

The exhibition, which takes its name from the title of the book by Curzio Malaparte published in 1949 - La Pelle (The Skin) -, shows more than 80 works, a selection of canvases, painted from 1986 to the present, which tell the story of past and recent history, but also episodes of daily life, through subjects belonging to the personal and public sphere. The works of Luc Tuymans emanate a rarefied and alienating light, veiled by an strange anxiety, which the artist himself, considered one of the most influential talents on the international scene, has defined as the instrument of a "genuine falsification" of reality.

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