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CARLA ACCARDI. Gli Anni Settanta: I Lenzuoli

Carla Accardi, Lenzuolo, 1975, Painted fabric, 144 × 261cm

Carla Accardi (Trapani, 1924 - Rome, 2014), an all-round pioneer woman, since the beginning of her career with the abstract group Forma (1947), was the protagonist of various artistic avant-gardes and led an expressive research in constant evolution. From the first Italian non-figurative art to Michel Tapié's Art Autre, from the use of unusual materials to optical and environmental experiments, from social and feminist commitment to the various participations in the Venice Biennale, the exhibition curated by Pier Paolo Pancotto at the Museo Correr constitutes a tribute to the entire creative path of the Sicilian artist, presenting a selection of works in the form of an installation in dialogue with the historical environments of the Venetian museum. It concerns a small number of works, rarely exhibited to the public, which despite their singularity and non-anthological arrangement, are able to summarize the salient stages of a whole life spent in the art world.

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